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Workspace Connectivity is used to describe how well IP enabled devices can communicate with a range of other devices in the workplace environment


High-performance secure wired & wireless infrastructure to support your business growth

State-of-the-art LAN systems are now commonplace within many businesses, from large corporates to SMEs, the value of robust connectivity is undisputable. However, without the support of high-quality IT network infrastructure and dedicated data transmission services, even the very best in wired or wireless technology will fall short of contemporary standards.



Investment in your IT network infrastructure will future-proof your business network, providing the capacity, security and scalability to grow alongside you and safeguarding your business communication with the outside world.
Ascoteq provides secure and reliable network connectivity solutions to businesses and organisations of all sizes and requirements, public and private. In a world which depends on mission-critical network infrastructures, it has never been more important to facilitate efficient access to corporate, commercial and public wireless networks.
Through high-level partnerships with the industry’s leading vendors, Ascoteq can help you to create a unified wired and wireless network for your organisation which simultaneously simplifies and improves day-to-day operations.
Using the latest hardware technology, we can design and install comprehensive, bespoke network systems, regardless of your location, working environment or budgetary restrictions.

Horizontal Cabling

Horizontal cabling connecting the end user’s Work Area Outlet to the Server Room is installed in properly supported bundles and fire-rated sleeve assemblies to comply with all applicable electrical and building codes.


Backbone Cabling

Ascoteq connects Server Rooms and Equipment Rooms within a building or between buildings, creating the network infrastructure capable of processing your business’s data volume.


Fiber Optic Cabling

Complete Fiber Optic cabling services include Backbone Fiber, Horizontal Fiber, Fiber Optic Cable Splicing and Fiber Optic System Certifications & Commissioning.


Server Rooms

Ascoteq has extensive experience in Server Room installations, expansions, and relocations as well as supplying and installing the Head End equipment.



State of the art Audio Visual and VOIP applications to enhance your business’s communication

We are dedicated to providing the right communication solutions for your business. We understand creating custom communication solutions to suit your requirements is critical, hence our focus on creating tailored innovative solutions.
Our personal service is completely hassle-free and with our knowledgeable team we strive to build professional relationships with you. Our promise is that our high standard of services can suit any budgetary requirement you have.



We are proud to offer you high quality products with cutting edge technology to give you the very best bespoke communication solution. We deliver quality Video Conferencing, VOIP, Public Address and Emergency Voice Evacuation solutions.


Our ethos is simple – We deliver fit out technology that is innovative, future proofed and fit for purpose, whilst ensuring you are at the forefront of technology. Our focus is on delivering long-term value to you and our partners. We listen to your requirements so that we understand your business objectives and long term goals, providing unbiased advice and system design – always with an eye to your future and growth.


We have successfully completed projects in many sectors such as corporate, commercial, industrial, healthcare, retail and many more. Therefore, we have a the experience and can provide you with the right digital solutions to enhance your business performance.

Video Conferencing

Ascoteq specialises in providing meeting room audio visual technology covering display screens, audio systems, video conferencing, presentation technology and intuitive automation & control systems. 


VOIP Solutions

Improve efficiency, enhance productivity and reduce communication cost by implementing a high quality VOIP system to meet your business communication needs.


Public Address

Ascoteq’s will design, supply and install professional audio systems, public address systems and background music systems into a multitude of applications.


Emergency Evacuation

Reliable voice emergency evacuation systems designed and installed in accordance with the requirements stipulated by SANS.



Complete surveillance solutions to meet the demands of any application

Surveillance (CCTV) Systems are an important element of security and helps a business to protect its people, assets and property.
Our experienced technical team is well-versed in all aspects of installing and commissioning CCTV systems. We provide support and advice to meet all customer requirements and pride ourselves on unrivalled customer care and after sales support. We are PSIRA registered and are bound by guidelines set out by PSIRA for installation, documentation and commissioning.
CCTV is not just as simple as installing a few cameras and hitting the record button. There’s a lot more to consider with the implementation of an effective CCTV system. Our approach to the implementation of a CCTV system is as follows:
  • Identify the risk. Not all problems can be solved with CCTV. Our experienced consultants will firstly evaluate the problem and thereafter decide whether the installation of CCTV will provide a suitable solution.
  • Design application specific solution. Our skilled and trained technical team will design a tailor-made solution specifically for the application at hand.
  • Submit proposal. Our proposals provides a detailed outline of all aspects of the CCTV system, including a breakdown of the estimated cost, which has been compiled with your budgetary requirements in mind.
  • Installation and commissioning. We only supply and install brands that are backed by reputable manufacturers and suppliers. This give all out clients the peace of mind that they are
  • Maintenance and support. Service Level Agreements will ensure that your CCTV system is operational at the time when you need it most.
Contact us for an obligation free consultation and risk analysis assessment of your premises.


Ascoteq offers a full installation service which includes design, installation, commissioning, training and maintenance of IP CCTV technology. We only install market-leading IP CCTV products, backed by reputable suppliers.


Thermal Cameras

Some applications require specialized equipment in order to be effective and produce the expected end result. Thermal cameras have been designed to provide surveillance in environments with little or no light present, as the technology is able to pick up the heat signature of individuals and vehicles at great distances.


Intelligent Recognition

Facial and license plate recognition is becoming increasingly more accessible because of the improving quality of cameras and since the introduction of IP Megapixel cameras. With Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to recognise and process captured images, systems can also be set up to interact with management solution software, to offer a complete security.


Video Analytics

Video Analytics products add artificial intelligence to cameras by analyzing video content in real-time, extracting metadata, sending out alerts and providing actionable intelligence to security personnel or other systems.


Fire Detection

Qualified and Accredited fire alarm system service provider

Protecting your business premises and your employees from the risk of fire is of paramount importance. Ensuring your premises is fitted with a suitable fire alarm system and adequate fire detection is one step towards mitigating the risk of fire.
As technology has developed, fire detection products and systems have become more sophisticated and complex. Thus the choice of a SAQCC certified and trained installer to ensure satisfactory installation and maintenance has become all the more important.


The South African Qualification & Certification Committee (SAQCC) Fire is an industry-elected body, established to ensure that servicing and maintenance of fire protection equipment is conducted according to the specifications laid out in SANS 1475 and, more importantly, that technicians have the correct training, qualifications and experience.


Following a directive given to the SAQCC-Fire by the Department of Labour, an additional SAQCC-fire detection and gas suppression committee was set up to establish and implement procedures for the qualification and certification of authorised persons in order to ensure safety, quality of work and high standards of excellence within the industry.
By selecting Ascoteq as a service provider, rest assured that staff are trained and accredited by SAQCC to design, install and commission fire alarm systems.

Addressable Systems

We design, install and maintain addressable fire alarm systems for commercial, industrial and marine applications where the level of fire safety is paramount.


Conventional Systems

Conventional fire alarms systems are professionally designed and installed in smaller applications where the number of line devices are limited.


Aspirating Detection

Our knowledgeable and trained technical team will design and deploy a bespoke aspirating detection system for your application, in accordance with requirements stipulated by the Standards Board. 


Fire Protection

With a range of fire suppression systems and fire protection products available, our certified team are able to tailor you an application specific system.